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Media Center/Library

The OLL Media Center is a multifaceted and modern library catering to the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Housing an extensive collection of over 10,000 books and a diverse assortment digital media, it serves as a comprehensive resource center for both educational and leisure purposes.

For younger students, the media center becomes an exciting realm where they can discover new worlds through story time, check out books, acquire fundamental library and technological skills, and become safe digital citizens. 

As students grow, their media center experiences expand to encompass more extensive learning opportunities. Kindergarten through fifth grade students not only borrow books and engage in story time but also receive valuable instruction in essential library information skills and digital citizenship. Additionally, students in second through fifth grades have the chance to embark on research projects assigned by their teachers, fostering a spirit of curiosity and independent exploration.

Middle school students visit the media center on a weekly basis and have the privilege of accessing a more extensive range of resources. They can explore a variety of books, conduct research, and receive in-depth instruction that enhances their technological and library skills. They are empowered to become safe digital citizens and to navigate the sea of knowledge with confidence.

In essence, the OLL Media Center stands as a modern support of knowledge, nurturing a love for reading, promoting digital literacy, and fostering a lifelong quest for learning among students of all ages.

Moreover, the OLL Media Center actively promotes a culture of collaboration and empathy through its "Reading Buddies" program. This initiative fosters connections between older and younger students as they share the joy of reading together, nurturing a sense of mentorship and camaraderie within the school community.

Harnessing the power of technology, the media center also houses iPads for students to facilitate seamless browsing of its web-based catalog. Additionally, students from first to seventh grade can tap into the vast resources of the web-based Accelerated Reader program, offering over 100,000 quizzes created by the Renaissance Learning Company.

Beyond regular class visits, the media center accommodates additional student visits for research or taking Accelerated Reader quizzes, with the teacher's consent. The library is a vibrant hub, available before school and throughout the entire school day, ensuring that the thirst for knowledge can be quenched whenever inspiration strikes.