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Our Lady of the Lake School ensures that its entire curriculum adheres to the highest standards, conforming to those set forth in Bulletin 741 for nonpublic schools and by the Archdiocese of New Orleans.To provide students with the best educational resources, course curricula undergo regular reviews and updates on a rotating basis. All of our students benefit from a technologically enriched learning experience, having access to the majority of their textbooks digitally, as well as in print. Further, comprehensive online supplements are utilized throughout grade levels to enrich instruction, complement differentiation, and increase student engagement.

Emphasizing a diverse and engaging teaching approach, OLL educators incorporate various methods into their lessons. Cooperative learning, games, maps, experiments, videos, publications, computers, Promethean boards, and manipulatives are just some of the tools employed to reinforce skills, encourage critical thinking, and promote problem-solving abilities. Yearly curriculum maps created by teachers outline course descriptions, objectives, instructional materials, Archdiocesan Standards alignment, and assessments, providing parents and students with valuable insight into the learning journey.

Visit the Academic pages for your child's grade level to explore their curriculum maps . . .

Our Specialities program offers every OLL student additional opportunities to explore and study significant content areas beyond the core curriculum. Courses that include instruction in visual arts, theatre arts, foreign language, digital literacy, library skills, and physical education enrich each student's learning experience.

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