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Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic School continues to make tremendous progress in technology.  This is a direct result of the administration’s continued commitment to the integration of technology into all aspects of the school environment.

Today the impact of technology can be seen all over the school campus including:

  • Fiber optic networking connecting all classrooms
  • Campus wide, high-speed, secure wireless Internet access
  • Secure network servers and Internet access monitored by the Archdiocese of New Orleans
  • 1:1 MacBook Pro laptop program for all middle school students and all teachers
  • Desktop computers and mobile laptop labs for 1st - 5th grades
  • Middle school textbooks on computers and online versions of textbooks available at all levels
  • Integration of the online learning system, Canvas
  • Integration of the comprehensive student information system, PowerSchool
  • Promethean Activboards and LCD projectors in all K-5 classrooms
  • iPads in all PreK and Kindergarten classrooms and mobile iPad labs available in grades K-3
  • Apple TV's mirroring teacher and student screens onto 80-inch TV screens in all middle school classrooms
  • Apple TV's mirroring iPads in all PreK classrooms
  • Media center with new desktops for publishing larger projects
  • Apple TV's mirroring to large screens in library and updated desktops for AR testing

The use of technology at OLL is an integral part of the everyday school environment.  Uses not even imagined a few years ago are now considered routine.  While this parallels technological improvements in the greater community, it is an accomplishment for an educational community to keep pace with this quickly changing culture.  Stakeholders recognize OLL's accomplishments in the area of technology and are aware that the school's continuing plan for technological improvement allows it to keep pace with our ever-changing society.

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