Summer ReadingSummer Reading

Summer reading encourages students to cultivate an interest in reading for pleasure as well as to foster skill development. Students in grades 1-7 participate in the summer reading program; each student selects their own books based on interest and ability level. 

Assessments, completed upon returning to school in the fall, vary by grade level. The summer reading program is associated with Accelerated Reader at many levels and also corresponds to a series of rewards for students who opt to read books in addition to the requirements.


Grade 1

Download 1st Grade Summer Reading Assignment


Grade 2

Download 2nd Grade Summer Reading Assignment


Grade 3

Download 3rd Grade Summer Reading Assignment


Grades 4-5


Download 4th and 5th Grade Summer Reading Assignment


Grades 6-7


Download 6th and 7th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

How to determine whether or not a book is an AR book and its level:

Go to, and type the book’s title into the search box. An AR book title will appear as a result of the search, and its level will be displayed next to it.

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