Spiritual Life

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St. John Bosco

School Prayer - Prayer is an essential part of each school day at Our Lady of the Lake.  The school community prays together several times throughout the day.  In addition, classroom prayers are said at the beginning of each class.  « Read More

School Masses - Students from kindergarten through seventh grade attend mass on a weekly basis.  In addition to the weekly masses, OLL has monthly theme masses which the entire student body, many parents, and parishioners attend.  « Read More

Annual Events - At various times throughout the year, Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic students, faculty, staff, and parents participate in various spiritual activities.  « Read More 

Catholic Standards for Education

Religion is an integral part of the curriculum at OLL, and instruction is based on the Archdiocese of New Orleans’ Catholic Identity Standards and religion curriculum guidelines. 

Catholic Identity Standards: Jesus Illumines All Of Life (NDC  p.  233) 

Trinity (One God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit):  Live a life of loving kindness in family and community which reflects the communion of love in the mystery of the Trinity. 

Christ is the Center (Fullness of Revelation):  Demonstrate an active relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church by living out our Baptismal vocation to love God, others, and self. 

Revealed Truth (Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition & the Magisterium):  Discover and reflect God’s desire to share His own life with us through honoring  His Word as revealed to us in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, as one deposit of faith, interpreted and taught by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. 

Sacraments (Channels of Grace): Understand and participate on a regular basis in the sacramental life of the Church, that finds its culmination in the Eucharist, our source of grace and redemption. 

Moral Formation (Personal & Social):  Freely pursue a life of virtue and grace, striving to be “imitators of Christ,” in a life of freedom, by conforming our thoughts, words, and actions to Him.  

Human Dignity (Respect for Life):  Respect God as the source of all creation and promote a “culture of life” which recognizes the dignity of human life, created in the image of God, as its summit. 

Prayer (God’s Initiative, Our Response):  Develop a personal, covenant relationship with God through on-going private and communal prayer as a response of faith and love to Christ, the only Son of God. 

Evangelization (Proclaiming Christ):  Proclaim the person of Jesus Christ, as did Mary – our model of faith,  to all the world  by a life of witness, enabling a profound conversion of mind and heart. 

Christian Service (Conscience, Compassion, and Creative Action):  Seeks to apply the Gospel command to love and serve all people, in promotion of the common good, within the family, school, and larger community. 

Catholic Culture (Disciples Shaping Society):  Evaluate relationships, curriculum, and extra-curricular activities in relation to the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church in order to contribute to the creation of a Catholic culture.

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