OLL Classroom
The entire OLL curriculum meets all Bulletin 741 standards for nonpublic schools. Special Education services are currently provided on OLL's campus to students who meet LA Bulletin 1508 and St. Tammany Parish's Special Education requirements.

Textbooks are reviewed and adopted on a rotating basis, and students are supplied with  the best educational materials.  All Middle School textbooks, with the exception of reading, spelling, and religion are available on CD and are loaded onto the students’ hard drives; some are also available online.  In addition, some textbooks for lower grades are available online.  OLL prides itself on the use of exemplary materials for instruction.

Several methods of instruction are utilized at OLL, and teachers incorporate various activities into their lessons.  Cooperative learning is common, as are games, maps, experiments, videos, newspapers, computers, Promethean boards, and manipulatives.  The aforementioned are just some of the tools used to reinforce and promote the mastery of skills and information, as well as to encourage higher-order thinking and problem-solving.  Teachers also complete yearly outlines that include a course description, objectives, instructional materials utilized, Archdiocesan Standards alignment, and assessments.  These outlines are reviewed by the Curriculum Coordinator and published as an additional tool for parents and students.

It is a basic premise at OLL that all students must be offered opportunities to explore and study significant content areas.  The core curriculum is enriched by the inclusion of the following: music, art, foreign language, computer, library skills, and physical education.  Additionally, technology is continually integrated into the curriculum via the one-to-one computer initiative in the Middle School, mobile laptop labs at all grade levels, and interactive boards in the classrooms.

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