Accelerated Reader (AR)Reading books

Our Lady of the Lake offers the Accelerated Reader program to students in grades 1-7.  The AR program is  web-based and includes over 100,000 quizzes on both fiction and non-fiction titles.   Students read a book  and then take a comprehension quiz on the computer.   They are awarded points for passed quizzes.

AR quizzes are available on all library computers and on all laptops once the following web site has been bookmarked:

From there, they will log in (as “STUDENT”), enter their USER ID and PASSWORD.  

Students may  take AR quizzes during their regular library visits and before morning assembly (7:00 - 7:30).  They may take AR quizzes during the school day with the permission of the teacher.  


Accessing AR records at home

Parents and students may access their AR records at any time, either in school or at home, by going to the same web site previously stated:

Continue by logging in as “STUDENT” and using the same USER ID and PASSWORD your child uses for AR in school.   


You may set the report to view the student’s work by QUARTER, YEAR, or ALL.

(Setting the time period to ALL may be helpful in determining if a student has ever taken an AR quiz on a  particular book, since the program will keep a record of every AR quiz that the student has taken at OLL.)

To see if a book has an AR quiz, you can go to:

(New quizzes are added every three weeks.  If you don’t see a quiz for a newer title, just keep checking back!)

Star Reading

Star Reading assessments are administered to students at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.  These  results indicate a reading range that is comfortable, yet challenging enough for the student to continue to develop their reading skills.  The student will receive a copy of his/her results, which should be used as a general guide in their selection of Accelerated Reader books.

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